How do I explore my neighborhood?

How do I explore my neighborhood?

In this article, we are going to walkthrough how to use the Map to better understand your neighborhood.

1. Click on the Research tab in the top navigation bar.
2. Select zoom level 'Neighborhood (DA)' from the dropdown menu on the left panel.
3. Zoom in using the scroll on your mouse or trackpad to hone in on your neighborhood on the map.
4. Click the region where you live (it will go from having a grey border to a red border once you select it). 
5. Feel free to select the sections surrounding your neighborhood if you want to explore more than just your immediate neighborhood.
6. If there are ministries in the sections you have selected, there will be a black bubble with a number on the map. The number indicates the number of ministries in that area. Click this black circle to see details of those ministries in your area. You can click on the name of any of these ministries and it will load their WayBase listing.
7. Click on Show at the lower right corner of the map. 
8. Scroll down to start viewing the graphs and charts to learn more about the people who live in your neighborhood. At the bottom of the graphs, you will find narration that explains the graph and the source of the data. You will also see there are prompt questions below each of the graphs to indicate the kind of questions the graph is able to answer for you.

9. Continue to explore the graphs and charts to use it further and learn more about the people in your neighborhood, as well as the nearby Christian ministries.

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