How do I use Engage app analytics for my ministry?

How do I use Engage app analytics for my ministry?

The analytics provided to ministries on the Engage app give valuable insights into the membership, usage of their content, and profile overview of your followers. This can serve as a source of feedback on your content and how to better serve your followers. 
To access Engage App analytics, the ministry must have an Advanced Plan subscription on WayBase and have content or causes on WayBase. 

1. Log in to WayBase and visit the Analytics section of the Engage App tab. 

2. On the left panel, you will see different categories of analytics that are provided on your content and causes. 3. The Membership section shows the number of followers, subscribers or community members that your ministry has on the Engage app. The growth trend of these numbers can be viewed by selecting a period of your choice (for eg. last month, last year or a custom period) 

4. The Content & Actions section shows the number of actions started and completed by your subscribers on each of your content items. The results can be further filtered by growth dimensions, spiritual disciplines and period of your choice.

5. Under Community Insights, you can see a summary of the growth dimensions across which journal reflections are captured by your subscribers. This can be used to understand which growth dimension of life is inspiring most of your subscribers to reflect on, after viewing your content.
It is important to note here that WayBase does not show individual actions taken or journal reflections captured, but summary statistics of all actions or reflections taken. 

6. Under Community Insights, you can also see an overview of the Enneagram and Myer-Briggs personality breakdown of your subscribers. This will give you an insight into any predominant personality type that your ministry and content is resonating with. 

7. Also under Community Insights, you will be able to see a word cloud of all the popular content topic tags among your subscribers, to get a quick view if there is a theme that your subscribers or followers are relating to.

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