How do I set up my multi-site church?

How do I set up my multi-site church?

This article helps central administrators of multi-site churches set up their accounts and listings on WayBase. 

  1. Login to WayBase with your organization account. 
  2.  In the Discover tab, search for the parent listing for your church in the search bar. Click on 'Claim this listing' in the left panel of the listing. If the listing is already claimed, contact us at, and we will be happy to assist you to get access to your church listing.
  3. Once you claim the parent listing, go to the account drop-down menu in the top right corner and click on 'My Listings'.
  4. On the parent listing, click on 'Edit' which will open a dialog box. Here, go to the basics > primary category, and ensure the primary category is set to ‘Church office - multisite’.
  5. Now, visit the 'Connections' section in the dialog box, and search for each of your church campus sites and send them a connection request.
  6. Also, ensure that the primary category of each campus site listing is set to ‘multi-site congregation campus’. This is visible on the listing as shown below. 
Usually, your church office is located at the same location as one of the sites. This does not mean the church office (parent) and the site (child) share a listing on WayBase. You will want to ensure you have a listing for the "Church Office" and a separate listing for the "Campus" even though they occupy the same physical location.

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