How to reflect on Engage?

How to reflect on Engage?

The reflect page is a great place to create and track your own prayers and journal entries. While many areas of Engage is designed for community growth and involvement, this is the one area where it’s only about you and God.


To create a Reflection

             1.     Tap on the compass icon at the top of the Reflect page

                       2.   Tap “+Add” in the top right

                  3.    Enter your journal title and your reflection! If you like, you can also scan through options at the top of the screen to track more details. I.e. the significance of this entry, if you feel an awareness of God in this area, etc.       
                  4.   Tap on the check mark in the top right corner.

Your journal entry will now appear in your health triangle, and you’ll see your reflection history if you scroll down further. 



Adding prayers and praying 

            1. In the reflect page, toggle to the praying hands icon at the top/prayer


            2. Add a new prayer request by tapping the “+Add” option in the top right corner


            3. Fill out your prayer and details, picture, frequency, etc.


            4. Tap the check mark in the top right


You will now see your prayer item(s) in the main prayer area. From here, just tap on “start praying.” Here you can set up your prayer experience and choose which items you’d like to pray for, for how long, if you’d like music, and an opening/closing prayer. Then click on the “Start Praying” option at the bottom of your screen to enter the prayer experience. 


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