The Act Tab

The Act Tab

Engage is all about channeling what you’re learning into practical action. In other words, letting all your knowing serve all of your loving. Acting on Engage is beneficial for many reasons: you can track your growth over time, ensure you’re growing holistically, and reflect on actions you’ve taken.

To act on Engage
  1. Tap the “Act” tab

  2. Tap the “+Add” option in the top right

  3. Fill out all the details such as title, description, growth category, and difficulty level (Optional: you can also add progress metrics for actions you’d like to take over time)

  4. Tap the check mark in the top right corner.


You will now see your action below your Action History Graph! As you complete actions, you’ll start to see the graph populate more and more. 

If you ever need to edit or finish a recurring action, just tap and hold on the action for options to appear. 


Happy acting!

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