How do I keep people engaged with my cause on WayBase?

How do I keep people engaged with my cause on WayBase?

Causes are any welfare initiative that aims to improve the social and economic well-being of a community. On WayBase, you can create a cause that can help increase your reach and engagement with your initiative. Once you have created your cause, there are a number of ways that you can promote it and keep it active, for users who are following your cause. If you haven’t created your first cause yet, learn more about it here.
1. Create a variety of calls to action (CTAs) or ways to engage with your cause. These could be an invitation to donate, volunteer or even pray for the specific need. This helps users to decide on how to participate in your cause, in their capacity.
2. 'Updates’ is a feature on causes that gives you a space to upload any new testimonials, stories and images, that could inspire and encourage participation. In My Causes, click on the ‘Manage Updates’ button to create new updates. These will be displayed on your cause page as cards on the right.
3. Encourage your stakeholders, including donors, volunteers, and others, to follow the cause on the Engage App. This will enable them to get notified on the app about any updates on the cause. 
4. You have the option to share your cause on social media too or by email to people who may be interested in the cause. You can even encourage your stakeholders to share the cause on the social media channels as well.
5. Progress Metrics that are updated regularly will help keep the Cause up-to-date for the cause followers and could encourage further action. 

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